Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic Massage 

Canton Wellness Center offers treatments specially designed to meet the needs of each individual client.

Our therapeutic massage can help improve your mood and your life.

The benefits of a massage include:

- Decreased anxiety 

- Enhanced sleep

- Greater energy 

- Improved concentration

- Increased circulation

- Reduced fatigue

The Stress Reliever (30 minutes) 

Relieves muscle pain and reduces fatigue in back and shoulders, improves circulation in all areas of the body.

Swedish Massage (50 minutes)

 A combination of relaxation and Swedish techniques. Firmer pressure is applied on your “trouble” areas and a lighter touch is applied to the rest of the body.  

Deep Tissue Massage (50 minutes)

Arm and vigorous deep tissue massage to release muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure. This reduces pain and muscular knots.

Prenatal Massage (50 minutes)

Ease and alleviate back aches, leg cramps, swelling and many of the aches and pains that accompany the joy of pregnancy with a therapeutic pregnancy massage. The perfect rest for expecting mothers. (Recommended for those expecting mothers after the first trimester.)

Sports Massage (50 minutes)

This massage is designed to promote flexibility, decrease injuries, and improve endurance.

Signature Treatments 

Wellness Massage (80 minutes)

A message complemented by a blend of oils produced from organic herbs. The oils are massaged into the body to penetrate muscle fibers and promote a feeling of well-being for the body, mind and spirit.

De-stress Muscle Release (80 minutes)

The treatment begins with the application of muscle gel infused with soothing oils and followed by a deep tissue massage, concentrating on tired muscle and joints.

Hot Stone Massage (80 minutes) 

A deeply relaxing, yet very therapeutic and detoxifying massage.This massage has benefits of a deep tissue massage without the deep pressure. Holistic therapy based on the use of special river stones to stimulate the energetic points of the body.

Sugar Scrub Massage (80 minutes)

Indulge yourself with a sugar scrub with your choice of; mango, coconut lime, chocolate, cranberry, or champagne style scrub. Ideal for the removal of dead skin, followed by a sweetish massage.

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  • "I love Dr. Meiners! He's been my chiropractor for 13 years and has helped me tremendously through many health issues. He definitely cares about about his patients and goes the extra mile not only help you but educate you as well."
    Michelle P.